thumbnail Hello, takes a look at the footballers throwing their thoughts out into the world wide web with the trial of the Tottenham manager drawing the most amount of attention

By James McManus

Technology is a wondrous thing - it can bring us light when all around us is dark, it can bring us warmth when it is cold and it can also give us an insight into the life of a professional footballer through Twitter. The perfect triumvirate of essentials, then.

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp's acquittal in his tax evasion trial has dominated the thoughts of the majority on the Twittersphere today, with many inside the game delighted at the result.

Elsewhere we have Landon Donovan cosying up to Phil Neville in a way that'd make Mrs. Neville blush, some tough work at the coalface for Tom Cleverley and some banter involving a sheep.

Here's's definitive list of footballer tweets from the recent past.

"It's great that Harry was cleared"

Spurs-owned Steven Pienaar was pleased Redknapp is able to walk free following his trial.

"Multi-million pound investigation of Redknapp spanning 5yrs....who foots that bill?? You/me + all the other tax payers! ^_^"

Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand has also been commenting on Redknapp's trial, admitting he is annoyed by the whole investigation.

"Agreed. Shocking and also well done spurs! Allow due and proper process !!!"

Ferdinand's former Manchester United team-mate Gary Neville was in agreement with the crocked defender.

"@fizzer18 [Phil Neville] is honestly the best captain I've ever been around. Takes care of all the guys, great leader, always a joy to be around #skip"

Donovan, currently on loan at Everton, spoke of his affection for Toffees skipper Neville. Watch out Mrs. Neville!

"Morning people! Training this morning then on to an EA sports event later this afternoon."

Cleverley letting everyone know the trials and tribulations of his life, solidifying the thought that the life of a modern day footballer is a tough one.

"@fizzer18 @shaneduffy34 @seamiecoleman23 wheres seamie gone duff collecting the sheep in for the night?"

The younger Neville poking fun at Everton's Seamus Coleman, but soon back-tracks and admits he is missing the young Irishman...

"@seamiecoleman23 only joking seamie I'm missing u loads!"

"Harry has had these allegations and innuendo hanging over him for years. He has proved his innocence #end of"

Celtic boss Neil Lennon giving his backing to Redknapp, hoping the whole matter will finally be left alone.

"Been on a speed awareness course today. Very well run and pleased I went but boy did it drag on! Over 4 hours in a classroom."

Michael Owen letting the public aware he has been paying for his crimes.