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The Argentina midfielder put in a great last-ditch tackle to prevent Arjen Robben from eliminating his side but feels that the praise he has received has been excessive

Javier Mascherano says that he is being praised too much after his heroics in Argentina's World Cup semi-final win over Netherlands, insisting that he is "not Rambo".

The Barcelona star put in an excellent display throughout the game despite suffering a head injury in the first half and made a magnificent last-ditch tackle to stop Arjen Robben from taking a great opportunity in the dying minutes of the game.

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Mascherano was seen as the hero of the game as the South Americans went on to win on penalties, booking their place in the final against Germany. However, he is uncomfortable with the amount of praise that he has received from fans and the media.

"I'm not Rambo or Jose San Martin or anything," he told Ole. "I take it with humour but I am ashamed and that is not false modesty, as false modesty is worse than arrogance.

"When you flatter people too much, others start to have expectations that can not possibly be met. In recent days that has happened. Most people think that you can do things that you can't really.

"We want to win the final and become world champions, we play without any complex or fear."

The Barcelona player admits that Germany are an excellent team but is confident that his side can match them.

"They are good, strong, powerful and know how to play," Mascherano remarked, "but I trust Argentina. With our weapons we can neutralise many of the good things they do and create problems."