Pinto warns Fifa & officials: Watch out for Robben diving

The Dutch winger admitted that he was guilty of simulation in his country's win over Mexico and the Costa Rica coach is "very worried" about a repeat performance on Saturday
Costa Rica boss Jorge Luis Pinto has pleaded with the match officials and Fifa to "watch out" for Arjen Robben's "diving" in Saturday's World Cup quarter-final clash with Netherlands in Salvador.

The Dutch winger caused controversy by admitting that he had been guilty of simulation in his country's last-16 win over Mexico, although he denied having gone to ground of his own accord for the penalty that decided the game.

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Pinto, therefore, is extremely concerned by the prospect of Robben's alleged theatrics having an influence on the outcome of his side's meeting with Louis van Gaal's side at Arena Fonte Nova.

"This is one of the most important questions in the World Cup: diving," he told reporters in Salvador on Friday. "We're really worried about it. I would like the referee and Fifa to watch Robben closely.

"He's one of the three or four best players in the world. I have a website and I analysed him as a player on it; he's amazing.

"But we have to say that there have been mistakes in this World Cup and we're really worried about Robben's diving, which he admitted. He admitted it!

"So I hope that the officials are very careful tomorrow [Saturday]. I urge them to watch out.

"We hope that there are no mistakes so, please, I would like to ask Fifa and the officials to watch out and be careful. This is very important and could have a big impact on the result."

Pinto was asked if he would like to see Robben immediately booked if he is deemed guilty of simulation early on in the game, so as to act as a deterrent to any other diving.

"That would be the most logical conclusion," he reasoned. "Maybe he would have to leave the field for diving twice. That could happen.

"But you know what? I want to trust the referee, so let's just hope nothing happens."