Neymar: Penalty against Chile aged me

The youngster converted coolly before Gonzalo Jara missed his to secure Brazil's place in the quarter-finals but the forward revealed he felt the pressure as he stepped up
Neymar says he aged a few years because of the pressure and anguish of taking Brazil's decisive spot-kick in their penalty shoot-out victory over Chile.

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The game had finished 1-1, with Alexis Sanchez’s first-half strike cancelling out David Luiz’s earlier effort and eventually went into extra time and then penalties. By the time Neymar stepped up to take Brazil’s fifth penalty both sides had missed two and scored two.

The 22-year-old converted his successfully before Gonzalo Jara's miss secured the win for Brazil and Neymar says he felt the pressure as he took the long walk from the centre circle to the penalty spot.

“It was like travelling 5 kms,” Neymar told Mundo Deportivo.

"[The penalty was like] I had aged many years. It was an age before hitting the penalty and now I am many years older."