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The World Cup-winning Argentina legend argues that Brazil should not depend on the 22-year-old Barcelona forward too much, as he was disappointing against Mexico

Diego Maradona believes that Neymar has failed to live up to expectations in the early stages of the World Cup.

The Barcelona player, seen as Brazil's key man, scored two goals in his side's 3-1 win over Croatia but failed to make an impact against Mexico, according to the former Argentina international.

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"Neymar, with a new hairstyle, failed to live up to his billing [against Mexico]," Maradona wrote for The Times of India. "He is the hope for Brazil to win the hexa [their sixth World Cup title].

"But Brazil have not been that convincing and they are depending too much on Neymar. Whenever they play against an organised team, they face these problems.

"The second goalless draw of the tournament makes their last group match against Cameroon an interesting one. It clearly indicates that they need some individual brilliance from their saviour. [In] Fortaleza, this spark never came."

The 1986 World Cup winner has not been impressed with the hosts so far and believes that European teams, especially Germany, have shown the most promise in the early stages of the tournament.

"Of the top teams, Brazil have not looked as good as Germany or the Netherlands so far," he declared.

"The Germans played true to their reputation in the first match and brushed aside Portugal as if they were playing some ordinary team, while the Dutch were devastating against Spain on their speedy counterattacks."