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The African nation have inflicted defeat on United States at the last two World Cups but the Everton goalkeeper is keen to put those games behind them ahead of Monday's match

Tim Howard is adamant that previous defeats to Ghana will not weight on United States when they face the African nation on Monday night.

Ghana beat the USA in the group stage at the 2006 tournament before emerging victorious again in the second round four years later.

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The two sides have been paired yet again in Group G this time around, along with Portugal and Germany, but Howard is confident that the previous meetings between the nations will have little impact.

"Not a word's been spoken [about the last time we played each other]," the Everton goalkeeper declared to the media. "We've said that all along.

"That was four years ago. It's ancient history, really, in the way football is looked at.

"This is a different team, with a different mindset."

Howard did admit, however, that Ghana would pose similar threats to last time: "I think they are very similar (to 2010). They are strong individually.

"Obviously, we know how physical they are so we are going to try to match that. I've said it before, very rarely do we get outmatched physically but this is a team that has the possibility of doing that.

"We'll make sure that doesn't happen and then just be kind of clever with our positioning and making sure that they don't hit us in transition."

In the next round of Group G matches, the USA will face Portugal, while Ghana are set to meet Germany.