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Dejan Lovren clearly as the support of his better half as she takes to the internet to show her frustration over the opening game, while Netherlands players bask in shock victory

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It seems like ages now since Brazil opened the World Cup with a controversial 3-1 victory over Croatia in Sao Paulo, but clearly some people haven't forgotten just yet.

Dejan Lovren's wife, Anita, has voiced her opinions on social media about the quality of officiating as her husband's side slumped to defeat in their opening game, posting pictures mocking referee Yuichi Nishimura, including one of him in a Brazil kit.

The small matter of Netherlands stunning victory over holders Spain is still a hot topic too, with a number of the Dutch squad taking to Twitter to celebrate the result. Funnily enough, the Spanish have kept exceptionally quiet.

Elsewhere, the Bosnian team have been out doing a bit of star spotting, while USA kitman Jesse Bignami has found what could make an interesting addition to the American changing room.

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