What are the World Cup fixtures in full?

Goal brings you the details of every match in Brazil this summer, from the Sao Paolo opener to the final at the Maracana
The World Cup provides an unrivalled month of international footballing action - the biggest single-event sporting showpiece on the planet, with only the Olympic Games matching it for worldwide interest.

Goal lists below all 64 games being played in Brazil - from the Amazon reaches of Manaus to the thriving hub of the Maracana in Rio - as your go-to guide for all of the action.

Thursday June 12

21:00BST in Sao Paulo: Brazil v Croatia (Group A)

Friday June 13

17:00BST in Natal: Mexico v Cameroon (Group A)
20:00BST in Salvador: Spain v Netherlands (Group B)
23:00BST in Cuiaba: Chile v Australia (Group B)

Saturday June 14

17:00BST in Belo Horizonte: Colombia v Greece (Group C)
20:00BST in Forteleza: Uruguay v Costa Rica (Group D)
23:00BST in Manaus: England v Italy (Group D)
02:00BST in Recife: Cote d'Ivoire v Japan (Group C)

Sunday June 15

17:00BST in Brasilia: Switzerland v Ecuador (Group E)
20:00BST in Porto Alegre: France v Honduras (Group E)
23:00BST in Rio: Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina (Group F)

Monday June 16

17:00BST in Salvador: Germany v Portugal (Group G)
20:00BST in Cruitiba: Iran v Nigeria (Group F)
23:00BST in Natal: Ghana v USA (Group G)

Tuesday June 17

17:00BST in Belo Horizonte: Belgium v Algeria (Group H)
20:00BST in Fortaleza: Brazil v Mexico (Group A)
23:00BST in Cuiaba: Russia v South Korea (Group H)

Wednesday June 18

17:00BST in Manaus: Australia v Netherlands (Group B)
20:00BST in Rio: Spain v Chile (Group B)
23:00BST in Porto Alegre: Cameroon v Croatia (Group A)

Thursday June 19

17:00BST in Brasilia: Colombia v Cote d'Ivoire (Group C)
20:00BST in Sao Paulo: Uruguay v England (Group D)
23:00BST in Natal: Japan v Greece (Group C)

Friday June 20

17:00BST in Recife: Italy v Costa Rica (Group D)
20:00BST in Salvador: Switzerland v France (Group E)
23:00BST in Curitiba: Honduras v Ecuador (Group E)

Saturday June 21

17:00BST in Belo Horizonte: Argentina v Iran (Group F)
20:00BST in Fortaleza: Germany v Ghana (Group G)
23:00BST in Cuiaba: Nigeria v Bosnia-Herzegovina (Group F)

Sunday June 22

17:00BST in Rio: Belgium v Russia (Group H)
20:00BST in Porto Alegre: South Korea v Algeria (Group H)
23:00BST in Manaus: USA v Portugal (Group G)

Monday June 23

17:00BST in Curitiba: Australia v Spain (Group B)
17:00BST in Sao Paulo: Netherlands v Chile (Group B)
21:00BST in Recife: Cameroon v Brazil (Group A)
21:00BST in Brasilia: Croatia v Mexico (Group A)

Tuesday June 24

17:00BST in Belo Horizonte: Costa Rica v England (Group D)
17:00BST in Natal: Italy v Uruguay (Group D)
21:00BST in Fortaleza: Greece v Cote d'Ivoire (Group C)
21:00BST in Cuiaba: Japan v Colombia (Group C)

Wednesday June 25

17:00BST in Salvador: Bosnia-Herzegovina v Iran (Group F)
17:00BST in Porto Alegre: Nigeria v Argentina (Group F)
21:00BST in Rio: Ecuador v France (Group E)
21:00BST in Manaus: Honduras v Switzerland (Group E)

Thursday June 26

17:00BST in Brasilia: Portugal v Ghana (Group G)
17:00BST in Recife: USA v Germany (Group G)
21:00BST in Curitiba: Algeria v Russia (Group H)
21:00BST in Sao Paulo: South Korea v Belgium (Group H)

Friday June 27
Saturday June 28

17:00BST in Belo Horizonte: A winner v B runner-up (Match 49)
21:00BST in Rio: C winner v D runner-up (Match 50)

Sunday June 29

17:00BST in Fortaleza: B winner v A runner-up (Match 51)
21:00BST in Recife: D winner v C runner-up (Match 52)

Monday June 30

17:00BST in Brasilia: E winner v F runner-up (Match 53)
21:00BST in Porto Alegre: G winner v H runner-up (Match 54)

Tuesday July 1

17:00BST in Sao Paulo: F winner v E runner-up (Match 55)
21:00BST in Salvador: H winner v G runner-up (Match 56)

Wednesday July 2
Thursday July 3
Friday July 4

17:00BST in Rio: Match 53 winner v Match 54 winner (QF1)
21:00BST in Fortaleza: Match 49 winner v Match 50 winner (QF2)

Saturday July 5

17:00BST in Brasilia: Match 55 winner v Match 56 winner (QF3)
21:00BST in Salvador: Match 51 winner v Match 52 winner (QF4)

Sunday July 6
Monday July 7
Tuesday July 8

21:00BST in Belo Horizonte: QF1 winner v QF2 winner (SF1)

Wednesday July 9

21:00BST in Sao Paulo: QF3 winner v QF4 winner (SF2)

Thursday July 10
Friday July 11
Saturday July 12 (Third-place play-off)

21:00BST in Brasilia: SF1 runner-up v SF2 runner-up

Sunday July 13 (World Cup final)

20:00BST in Rio de Janeiro: SF1 winner v SF2 winner