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How to watch an incredible summer of sport with LG

How to watch an incredible summer of sport with LG

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You can enjoy the upcoming feast of football in the highest possible quality by investing in one of LG's ULTRA HD 4K TVs, which go all the way up to an awesome 84 inches

Can't make it to Brazil this summer? No matter. Watch this summer's international football extravaganza in the comfort of the your home with a LG OLED or ULTRA HD 4K TV.
The prospect of seeing some of the most famous sporting names on the planet on your old television may not be that appealing, so now could be the perfect time to splash out on a new model which will enable you to see your favourite games in the highest quality possible.
It won't surprise you to learn that LG has just such a range of TVs just waiting to take pride of place on your wall and immerse you in a way that'll make you swear you’ve just tumbled off a long-haul flight straight into a box seat at the Maracana.
LG's ULTRA HD 4K TVs start at a generous 49 inches and go up to a whopping 84 inches, while the 55-inch OLEDs come in a choice of curved or picture-frame options. So virtually all living rooms can benefit from a televisual makeover.
And that's not all: for a limited time only, if you buy any LG OLED or ULTRA HD 4K television, you can claim a free LG G Pad 8.3 tablet* – so even if you have to nip out during the action, you can continue to watch it on the move.

Why bother with an ULTRA HD 4K TV? The main benefit is detail. Sublime detail. ULTRA HD 4K video has four times the resolution of Full HD, and a certain Brazilian final will be shot in 4K - so you can immediately make the most of all those lovely pixels if you can receive the broadcast.
And regular Full HD content isn't neglected, either: there’s some serious computational welly behind those gorgeous screens, and Full HD and even standard-definition TV will be upscaled by LG's awesome Tru-Ultra HD Engine technology.
And OLED? Think amazing, vivid colour – and the kind of rich depth and contrast that'll have you reaching out towards the screen before you realise that no, you can't reach inside it…
Great group viewing isn't just defined by resolution. LG's TVs use advanced IPS displays that produce incredibly vivid colour and incredible depth, while the new Smart TV with webOS™ interface make switching between content, consoles and devices incredibly easy – not that you’ll be able to drag your eyes away from a glorious summer of sport for a second.
Take a look at LG's range of ULTRA HD 4K TVs here, or OLED TVs here.

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*Please visit for full terms and conditions. Offer available: Thursday 17th April 2014 00:00 BST to Thursday 12th June 2014 23.59 BST. The Promotion is only open to legal residents of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland aged 16 or over. All purchases must be made in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.