Hodgson: England will use sports psychiatrist at World Cup

Dr Steve Peters, who has worked with Liverpool and Team GB in the past, will be part of the Three Lions staff in Brazil, with the manager insisting he will play a key role

Roy Hodgson has revealed that England will use a top sports psychiatrist to help the players during the World Cup.

Ahead of the friendly with Denmark on Wednesday, Hodgson confirmed that Dr Steve Peters, who has worked closely with Liverpool and Team GB, will be on hand to offer his expertise in Brazil.

Hodgson believes Peters' knowledge of the game will ensure he becomes a key part of the England backroom staff.

"He's a famous man in that area who's got a fantastic record of working in many different sports," Hodgson told reporters.

"We're really happy. We wanted to make certain we got the man we wanted, who understands the footballing environment and joins us rather than someone who's going to come in and lecture the players.

"We have to think that if there are any benefits out there available to us we have to take advantage of them.

"It's when you get to a tournament phase that someone can play a part because we have the players for a longer time.

"People will say 'Steve Peters is going to help them score five penalties out of five.'

"He won't be able to help us do that, but what he might be able to do is help us be better mentally prepared for any challenges we may face."

Captain Steven Gerrard, who has worked with Peters at Liverpool, was fulsome in his praise.

"He's helped me an awful lot," he said. "I've been seeing him for three years now, from when I had a big groin problem.

"I went to see him in a one-on-one situation and I really like the work he did. I feel as if he can help the players and the players can buy into what he's trying to do."