Brazil coach Mano Menezes expects tough Copa America match against Venezuela

The South American side’s boss says he and his team are not feeling too much pressure as they prepare for their opening match of the tournament against Cesar Farias' men
Brazil coach Mano Menezes is not expecting an easy game when his side take on Venezuela in Sunday's Copa America Group B opener.

The Brazilians, alongside host nation Argentina in Group A, are the favourites to win the tournament.

However, Menezes, who has a squad full of talent with Santos ace Neymar and AC Milan's Robinho, expects a tough game from the outset against Cesar Farias' side.

"We don't have many 'dead chickens' in football. Venezuela certainly isn't one of them because they are working to change their situation," the coach said at a press conference.

"We saw the tough match they played against Spain. There's a clear intention to change the style of play, adding more audacity.

"They are trying to play in the same pattern of today's football, opting to mark in the offensive half."

Menezes also promised that his side will be playing attacking football at the tournament.

"Playing with three forwards I think is a worldwide tendency. If anyone has the condition to follow that tendency and make it even better it's Brazil and Argentina," he added.

"Uruguay play differently, with three men with the characteristics of a forward, but they play on the counter."

He went on to compare the tournament favourites' styles, highlighting some key variations between the two South American rivals.

"Between Brazil and Argentina, there is a little difference, as Argentina is based on Barcelona's model because they have the same reference, in Lionel Messi," he added.

"Our formation has a little more creativity in the middle, because Ganso is typical playmaker and has the quality to do that better than the players who form other team's midfields."

Menezes hinted at the players he will be relying on during the campaign as the usual suspects look set for a prominent role.

"You choose for two wingers like Robinho and Neymar and there's a need for them to follow their opponents defensively," he continued.

"Logically, you are not going to transform the forward into a marker, otherwise you wouldn't pick out a forward.

"I want [Ganso and Neymar] to be at their best. It is up to me to position them on the pitch so that we can get the best out of them.

"The difference is that Brazil unites the best and they can share the pressure. It's better when you don't need to decide the match every time you touch the ball. The quality of their team-mates is a great advantage we have."

Menezes concluded by speaking about the 'pressure' of representing the five-time World Cup champions.

He added: "I haven't felt more or less pressure than I've always felt. Everyone feels the coach has all the responsibility and pressure, it's inherent to the job.

"We don't have any more responsibility than the normal amount at this moment.

"We know what we have to do. We don't have to think about Argentina or Uruguay, they are not our problem [right] now."

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