VIDEO: Tim Cahill scores 40-yard screamer on debut

The Premier League cult icon, who scored many a super strike for Everton, jabbed home a rocket for Melbourne City

Premier League cult icon and Australian footballing veteran Tim Cahill scored a worldie on his debut for Melbourne City.

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Up against local rivals Melbourne Victory, the midfielder rocketed over the opposition goalkeeper and into the back of the net from 40 yards.

It was the opening goal for Cahill's Melbourne City and they ended up winning the game 4-1 on Saturday, though the 36-year-old played down his own impact in a modest interview afterwards.

"The biggest thing is we just take it a game at a time," Cahill told reporters. "I just said to the boys play our own game — playing with crowds like this is awesome.

"I just let my football do the talking. I think it’s important, first game in the A-League, this is a derby if you don’t play like it means so much and you’re not going to run hard every time then there’s no point turning up.

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“I’m just proud of my team they see what happens when we all work together. Merseyside is another level but this is special for me.

"Every one wants to know if he (I’m) is gonna score or if his (my) legs will last, this is what football is about. I’ve come home not to make up the numbers but to make a difference."

Watch the video above to check out Cahill's amazing strike!