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The friendly match between the two nations next month has been called off, but the South Americans will look to replace the fixture in September with another opponent

Egypt's friendly match against Brazil on September 6 has been cancelled, the Brazilian Football Confederation has confirmed in a statement.

The fixture, which was to take place in Cairo, was called off after security fears deemed the match unsafe to be held in the nation's capital.

"The friendly was cancelled at the request of the Egyptian federation due to security worries. But Brazil's national team will still play a friendly in September against a yet-to-be determined opponent," the official statement read.

The new opponents are said to be announced within the next few days.

Despite the cancellation of the friendly match, Egypt's coachless squad still face the difficult task of qualifying for next year's African Cup of Nations, which includes a fixture against Sierra Leone in early September.

Meanwhile, Brazil will still face a busy September, with their replacement friendly and a two-game tournament against Argentina taking place over a two-week period.