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The Tartan Army are less than impressed by the young prodigy's racism assumption after it was revealed that it was a German teenager who threw the suspect banana

Scotland fans have declared that they expect an apology from Santos and Brazil forward Neymar following the player’s racist claims against the Scottish fans.

The 19 year-old complained about the fact a banana was thrown onto the pitch whilst the Samba-Stars celebrated the Chelsea target’s second goal of the afternoon – his third goal in as many senior internationals.

After the Scottish fans were cleared of throwing the banana, the Brazilian Football Federation and Kentaro – the match organisers – are expected to be sent a letter on behalf of the Scottish fans complaining about the matter and Neymar’s jump to conclusions.

The SFA were quick to point out that any booing will have been related to perceived play-acting by Brazil’s next big hope, rather than racism, whilst Arsenal released a statement on their official website declaring that it was in fact a teenage German tourist sitting amongst Brazilian fans who threw the banana.

The statement read: "After consultation with the Metropolitan Police, Arsenal Football Club can confirm that a German teenage tourist has admitted throwing a banana on to the pitch during the Brazil v Scotland international friendly at Emirates Stadium on Sunday.

"The youngster was sitting in the North Bank, an area of the stadium which was occupied by the official allocation of tickets to Brazil supporters, when he threw the banana on to the pitch during the second half of the match.

"The Metropolitan Police is satisfied there was no racist intent and have confirmed that no further action will be taken."

Arsenal are believed to have sent all the information they have on the matter to the Brazilian Football Federation and to Kentaro.

Tam Ferry, the Tartan Army spokesman, told reporters: "It’s nice that it’s been cleared up and our name has been cleared.

"The good reputation of the Tartan Army was in danger of getting tarnished.

"We’re just waiting for an apology from Neymar now. He might have forgotten about it, but the Tartan Army haven’t forgotten about his accusations, so we’ll be expecting an apology from him.

"It’s the least the 30,000 Scotland fans at the game deserve.

"We are also now writing an official letter to the SFA to forward to the Brazilian FA and Kentaro regarding our unhappiness over this."

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