Thierry Henry sends message of support to stricken Alston

The Revolution defender has taken an indefinite leave of absence after being diagnosed with leukaemia
New York Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry has sent a message of support to New England Revolution full-back Kevin Alston after he was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukaemia.

Alston has now taken an indefinite leave of absence as he begins treatment and Henry was quick to offer his best wishes to Alston and his family.

"Another thing I wanted to say, which is very important to me, because sometimes people talk about the game, but I just wanted to say something about what happened to Kevin Alston," he said to reporters.

"I just wanted to say to his family, and to him, all the very best. In this type of moment, you know, you can feel alone. I don't know him, but all the very best to him and his family."

This is not the first occasion Henry has reached out to an ailing fellow professional. Last year, the striker made a 5,000 mile round-trip to visit former team-mate Fabrice Muamba after the then-Bolton Wanderers midfielder collapsed on the pitch during a match against Tottenham.