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Sources have told that the former Germany captain and ex-Chelsea star would like to conclude his career in North America and is in deep discussions with MLS

Michael Ballack and his representatives are in deep negotiations with Major League Soccer, has learned.

Sources from both sides have confirmed that MLS executive vice-president Todd Durbin initiated talks that would bring the former Germany captain and current Bayer Leverkusen midfielder to North America.

A source close to the player revealed that Durbin listed five teams interested in bringing Ballack on-board, including New York, Montreal, Chicago, Philadelphia and Seattle.

"Ballack would be interested in playing for any of those teams, and now it all comes down to who can afford him," the source said.

Despite interest from the Middle East, Asia and Europe, Ballack told the source that his intention is to play his final two years in MLS.

The 35-year-old is looking for an annual salary within the range of Thierry Henry's $5.5 million and David Beckham's $6.5 million, and would prefer to play for a team that can potentially win the MLS Cup this season.

From the league's side of the negotiation, MLS wants to make sure Ballack is indeed serious about his interest as it hopes to avoid having another Nicolas Anelka situation. The source close to the player said that as long as he gets a reasonable offer, he will be in MLS this year.

"Michael has made 160 million Euros in his career," the source said. "It's not all about money. He loves America and wants to be a guy that young players can look up to and help a team win."

While Leverkusen have told Ballack and his representatives that he can terminate his contract immediately, his agent, Michael Becker, revealed that he will finish his contract with the Bundesliga side.

"His contract is up on June 30 and he wouldn't leave Leverkusen until the season is over," Becker told

The source close to Ballack stated that the former Chelsea player's desire to be in America will be on display this summer as the German international has agreed to commentate on Euro 2012 for a major US network.

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