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The Spaniard was not impressed by the MLS All-Stars' aggressive approach as the Bundesliga champions had to endure some tough tackling in their 2-1 defeat in Oregon

Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola has suggested MLS All-Stars boss Caleb Porter did not do enough to stop his players from making reckless tackles during Wednesday's friendly.

Guardiola was incensed by a couple of challenges in the second half of the 2-1 defeat in Portland, Oregon, with Osvaldo Alonso and Will Johnson clattering into Xherdan Shaqiri and Bastian Schweinsteiger respectively.

The former Barcelona coach was seen shouting at Porter a number of times and refused to shake hands with the Portland Timbers boss after the exhibition match, before unleashing a verbal volley at the referee.

Guardiola claimed he did not shake hands with Porter because he did not see him, but he was seen wagging his finger in a dismissive manner at Porter as the All-Stars boss approached Guardiola.

"I didn't see him," he was quoted as saying by USA Today.

"We tried to respect the rules of the game. I appreciate the effort of my players.

"It's not my job to be concerned with their tackles. That is another person's job. I don't know if he did it."

Porter had admitted before the game that Guardiola was one of his idols and the 39-year-old did appear disappointed by his opposite number's antics, but he readily downplayed Guardiola's reaction after the match.

"That was such a small part of tonight," Porter said.

"There's really no reason for me to talk about it. Coaches get heated. Like I said, there was so much good to talk about that there's no reason to make that a story."