Robben can still take penalties for Netherlands, says van Marwijk

The national team trainer has backed the Bayern Munich man to bounce back from his Champions League final disappointment, and says that his players won't practice spot kicks
Netherlands boss Bert van Marwijk says that he has no reservations over asking Arjen Robben to take a penalty for his country during Euro 2012.

The Bayern Munich winger missed a spot kick during his club's Bundesliga-deciding match against Borussia Dortmund, as well as an extra-time penalty against Chelsea in the Champions League final.

However, Van Marjiwk says that he will not stop Robben from taking penalties, saying that he would be welcome to do so.

"That [Robben taking a penalty] will be so, if he feels strong," to told Nusport.

Penalty shoot-outs have often been the downfall of the Dutch national team, but Van Marwijk says that he will not be dedicating any time to practising spot kicks.

"There's not much point in doing that [practising]," he continued. "It is difficult to imitate a situation similar to a full stadium, where there's a lot of pressure and tension.

"A player can just decide where he's going to kick it at the start and hit it in a different angle."

The World Cup finalists kick off their Euro 2012 campaign against Denmark on June 9.