Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes 'English manager is a must' as FA being search to fill national team vacancy

Gunners maestro sympathises with Capello by stating that he alone should have decided on international captaincy

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes the England national team should be managed by a native of the country following Fabio Capello's dramatic departure.

The experienced manager defended the Italian, though, insisting the choice of captain must be down to the manager, not the football governing body.

He asserts that the FA would be wise to find a fellow Englishman to replace the departed manager.

"I have always been straight in [suggesting an Englishman should be next]," Wenger said, speaking on Arsenal Player.

"Not because I think an English manager can do a better job than any foreign guy, just because you represent your country and it is better if the manager is from there. Especially in a big football country like England.”

"It's now down to the FA to make the right decision and you will not be surprised when I tell you I do not want to interfere with that!"

The Frenchman added he was surprised at the “extreme situation'” that transpired following trials of racism for England captain John Terry last week.

Allegations against the Chelsea defender have been postponed until after Euro 2012, leading the FA to strip Terry of his armband in the meantime.

Capello had issued a statement at the weekend stating his displeasure with decision and quit outright as England manager on Wednesday.

Wenger spoke of his sympathy towards his Italian counterpart and insists the choice of captain should always remain with the manager.

"When the decision came out from the FA, I said that the choice of captain is down to the manager," he said.

"You [the manager] pick your team, you choose your captain. I did not expect such an extreme situation but it looks like there was already some turbulence there and that was just the final straw.

"I am sad that Capello leaves four months before such an important competition, it is a big blow for England and I am sad for him."