LA Galaxy star David Beckham believes Wayne Rooney suspension will be a 'big loss' for England but insists striker should still go to Euro 2012

Iconic former England star did not expect the Manchester United striker to receive such a hefty punishment and claims the striker’s temper is what makes him world-class

David Beckham says the suspension handed to England striker Wayne Rooney will be a "big loss" to the team after the Manchester United man received a three match ban for his red card against Montenegro.

Rooney’s punishment by Uefa has spawned plenty of discussion, with many players and managers pffering their opinions. Former England star David Beckham is among those who feel feels the striker’s ban was harsh.

“I was surprised he got three games,” Beckham told Sky Sports.

“This day and age these things happen and I think in the past players that have done the same have got either one game or two games at most, so it’s obviously disappointing to see that.

“Wayne’s done so well in the last couple of months and he’s been exceptional for Manchester United and England, and it’s going to be a big loss.

“Having Wayne miss those first three games is disappointing for the fans, the team, the manager and obviously for Wayne as well.

“I personally still think he should still go because he’s one of the best strikers in the world and he’s such a great talent.”

Beckham hit the headlines himself in the 1998 World Cup when he was sent off while playing for England for kicking-out at Argentina's Diego Simeone, and the LA Galaxy man believes a temper is often what makes good players great.

“With great talents you see the likes of Zidane and players like that that have got that hunger that sometimes gets you into trouble but that’s what makes these great players.

“All the great players have got that. You’re never going to take that out of Wayne and I don’t suggest anyone tries because it’s what makes him the player he is and what makes him loved by so many fans and so many Manchester United fans as well.”