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Following the results of our recent poll readers have resoundingly voted that the Liverpool striker was wrong in refusing to shake the Frenchman's hand

Luis Suarez was wrong in refusing to shake Patrice Evra's hand before Manchester United's victory over Liverpool, readers believe.

The Uruguayan caused controversy in the build up to Saturday’s Premier League match at Old Trafford by refusing to shake the United skipper’s hand prior to kick off and a huge 63.22% of people felt he was wrong to do so.

Suarez was making his second appearance for Liverpool since returning from an eight-game ban for racially abusing Evra during the reverse fixture at Anfield in October and had been expected to draw a line under the incident, but instead ensured the bad blood between the two went on.

After the game Sir Alex Ferguson branded him "a disgrace" to Liverpool Football Club and said he should never be allowed to play for them again.

The player has since issued an apology on Liverpool’s club website revealing he had spoken to Kenny Dalglish since yesterday’s match and regrets what happened.

30.53% of readers felt that Suarez was right not to shake Evra’s hand and a further 6.25% believe that pre-match handshakes should be scrapped altogether.

Many of the readers left their comments explaining their choices.

Jeremy felt that Suarez acted unprofessionally and let his club down.

“Just a total lack of professionalism and sportsmanship. By refusing to shake hands just adds further pressure to himself and reflects poorly on his club.”

Sleekybee believed the striker was in the wrong but has been unfairly treated by the media and Football Association.

“That was bad gamesmanship from Suarez, but let us not be quick to judge him because I felt he was treated harshly by the press and FA.”

Gege says players should choose whether or not they want to shake hands before a game.

“It's between two individuals. Shaking hands before a game is Good but it shouldn't be mandatory.”