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The current Manchester City manager is an idol at Camp Nou from his playing and coaching days, but Guardiola Sr. believes his time has passed at the Spanish giants

The father of Pep Guardiola has affirmed he cannot see his son returning to work at Barcelona, while also ruling out the chances of him taking the reins at Spain. 

Guardiola achieved unprecedented success at Camp Nou, winning a host of major titles both as player and coach in a two-decade association with the Catalan giants. 

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But father Valenti insists that Barca fans should not expect him back at the club in any capacity in the future. 

"Return to Barcelona? To do what, work as a ballboy?" he joked with Cadena Ser on Monday. 

"I really don't see him there either as president or on the bench. His time with Barca has come and gone, I don't think he would do well in going back. 

"At the very least, I think we can rule out him coming back as coach."

Barcelona take on Manchester City on Wednesday, a game in which Valenti assured he would be supporting Pep's new club. 

And he pointed to the manager's enviable track record not just at Camp Nou to assert that he could make the difference. 

"He does well everywhere," he argued. 

"He did great in Germany too, they loved him there, and he has walked into a big club in England." 

There is one job, however, that Guardiola Sr. cannot see his fiercely patriotic son accepting. 

"I would say he could take the Catalan national team, but I can't see him in Spain," he said. 

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"I'm not just saying that, I have nothing against anyone. Everyone is free to think what they want. 

"I don't know what he will do, who am I to say what he should do?"