Messi's pizza & Pique's Nutella sandwich - Barcelona's post-game meals revealed

The Catalans cater to the specific tastes of their players, who give plenty of food for thought when it comes to meals after a match
Lionel Messi is one of a number of Barcelona players who prefers a pizza as their post-match meal.

A sheet with the dinner choices of the full squad was leaked to the press in the wake of their scoreless draw with Malaga on Wednesday and it seems the Italian dish is one of the favourites among the players.

Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Dani Alves and Luis Suarez are all also happy to sit back with a slice at the end of 90 minutes.

Meanwhile, centre-back Gerard Pique prefers a Nutella sandwich, with German goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen another who enjoys his post-game chocolate.

Ivan Rakitic and Rafinha favour the slightly healthier option of sushi when it comes to post-match victuals, while Javier Mascherano enjoys a simple pasta salad and fruit.

Finally, goalkeeper Claudio Bravo brings a new dish to the table as he requests a plate of pasta after each game.

Barcelona’s post-match meals in full:

Messi: cheese pizza  

Neymar: pizza with ham and cheese and fruit

Luis Suarez: ham and cheese pizza and Caesar salad  

Iniesta: pizza with ham and cheese and bologna sandwich and chorizo Iberico

Busquets: pizza with ham and fruit

Xavi: chopped chicken breast and ham pizza  

Pedro: pizza with ham and cheese, turkey and cheese sandwich and fruit

Pique: Nutella sandwich and fruit

Mascherano: pasta salad and fruit

Alves: four cheese pizza

Jordi Alba: pizza with ham and cheese, turkey and cheese sandwich and fruit  

Ter Stegen: sushi and Nutella sandwich  

Montoya: ham and cheese pizza 

Rakitic: sushi and fruit  

Rafinha: ham and cheese pizza, sushi and banana   

Bravo: white pasta and fruit  

Bartra: ham and cheese pizza and sushi  

Douglas: cheese pizza  

Sergi Roberto: sushi and triple Nutella sandwich

Adriano: ham and cheese pizza  

Mathieu: ham and cheese sandwich  

Masip: tuna pizza, tuna and veggie sandwich

Samper: pizza with ham and fruit  

Sandro Ramirez: pizza with ham, cheese and tuna and fruit  

Munir: cheese pizza and fruit