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The 47-year-old is angry at comments made by the Fifa president regarding the Real Madrid attacker, and, fearing bias against Portugal, has demanded the Swiss resign at once

Former Portugal international Paulo Futre has accused Fifa president Sepp Blatter of hating Cristiano Ronaldo following his comments regarding the Real Madrid star.

Blatter poked fun at the 28-year-old during a debate at the Oxford Union, while revealing that he preferred Lionel Messi to the Portuguese.

The remarks prompted a letter from Real Madrid demanding an apology from the 77-year-old, while Ronaldo hit back at the Fifa honcho, and Futre has gone one step further by demanding the Swiss should resign.

"There are no words for what Sepp Blatter said about Cristiano," the 47-year-old told Marca.

"I'm angry. Cristiano is not just a wonderful footballer who deserves respect, he is also a great man. A total lack of respect has been shown.

"The Ballon d'Or is a farce. I'm worried, in addition, that Portugal could be unfairly knocked out of the play-offs for the World Cup, such is Blatter's hatred towards Ronaldo.

"Blatter should resign at once. You should not be able to attack one of the symbols of the game and get away with it."