Real Madrid demand Blatter apologises to Ronaldo

Los Blancos have reacted angrily after the Fifa president made fun of the Portuguese attacker during a debate at the Oxford Union, and have sent a letter of complaint
Carlo Ancelotti has revealed Real Madrid have sent a letter to Sepp Blatter demanding that he apologises to Cristiano Ronaldo over comments he made regarding the forward in a recent speech.

The Fifa president, 77, discussed the merits of Ronaldo and Lionel Messi during a debate at the Oxford Union in which he suggested the Portuguese cared more about his image than his efforts on the pitch.

He said: "Leo’s a good lad. Every father or mother would like to have at home. He’s a good man, very fast and he’s not exuberant. He’s a kind man, he’s a really good boy.

"The other [in reference to Ronaldo], is a commander on the field of play.”

Blatter then proceeded to march across stage mimicking the movements of a military parade in a bid to make fun of Ronaldo before concluding with another jibe at the Madrid star.

"One spends more at the hairdresser’s than the other, but I can’t say who is better. I like them both, but I prefer Messi."

The news comes after both Messi and Ronaldo were named on a 23-man shortlist for this year's Ballon d'Or on Tuesday.