Extra Time: 'I'm 86, but I have a young heart' – Real Madrid legend Di Stefano to wed 36-year-old secretary

The Santiago Bernabeu legend has clearly not lost his magic touch after announcing he is to marry a woman 50 years his junior
Whoever it was who coined the phrase 'age is just a number', well, Alfredo Di Stefano was certainly listening.

The 86-year-old Real Madrid legend has stunned family and friends with the announcement that he is to marry a woman 50 years his junior.

Di Stefano met 36-year-old Gina Gonzalez while she helped him to prepare a book about his life that was published back in 2010.

But the former striker - who was widowed eight years ago - is unconcerned over the half a century age gap, but jokingly added that her allegiance to Real Madrid was key to their relationship.

"[I want to marry her] because I have been a widow for eight years," he told El Mundo.

"[I want to get married] as soon as possible, in two weeks or a month, I don't want to wait any longer.

"She is a Real Madrid fan - if she had been a Barcelona fan...I don't know! I'm sure my children will be against it and have a go at me but I will be sincere - if they ask me about it I will explain it to them."

It seems Di Stefano's scoring touch remains very much intact!