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With relegation looming, the remaining seven games are crucial for los Blanquillos if they hope to remain in La Liga next season and the coach calls for focus from his squad

Manolo Jimenez warns that his Zaragoza team must refocus and ready themselves for a relegation battle in the final seven weeks of the season.

The Romareda outfit currently sit in 18th place in La Liga with just a point separating them from safety after their 3-0 loss to Barcelona on Saturday extended their winless run to 14 games.

"We went to the far superior Barcelona and we have not got the points we wanted from them. We now must really think about our place in the league and the 21 points left to play for," Jimenez told reporters after the game.

The coach was not pleased with the decision to award a corner that led to Barca opening the scoring but admits that his team were up against a better side.

"I do not understand why [the referee] called it a corner," he fumed. "By doing so they gave them the first goal and it is not the first time this has happened.

"For the month of June and July we saw the risk that was there with this team. There were players that were exhausted but they have to realise if they want to be in the first team they must be ready.

"Barcelona's team was far superior and they won because they are better. They showed that with a better team and substitutes."