Rosell salutes former players for shaping Barcelona image

The Blaugrana president has thanked the club's old stars for helping to instil a set of values and style of football that has remained intact to this very day
Sandro Rosell says Barcelona would not be where they are today without the efforts of their former players.

The Blaugrana president was speaking at the Agrupacio Jugadors Barca dinner - a group set up to help ex-footballers of the club who are struggling to find another profession after retiring from football.

Rosell was quick to praise the positive impact many of those men have had on the club and said they have helped to shape the club's modern day image.

"Everything that the club is currently doing on and off the pitch is thanks to its former players, they have created the values that we stick by today," Rosell told reporters at the dinner.

"That is what makes us a unique club and it is that attitude that makes the club more than just a football club."

The 48-year-old went on to stress Barca's continued involvement with the group and highlighted the unity at Camp Nou.

"At the club we always work as a group in every aspect. The proof comes in that we always have someone on the board working closely with the former players."