Bartra: Messi argument was blown out of proportion

The Spain Under-21 defender says that reports of an dispute between himself and the European Golden Boot winner were exaggerated, and that the matter has been resolved
Barcelona starlet Marc Bartra has said that a reported argument between himself and team-mate Lionel Messi was blown out of proportion, and is now in the past.

Speculation in the Spanish media have claimed that the Argentina international criticised Bartra for going in for a tackle too heavily in training at the start of the season.

"It has been blown out of all proportion," the Spain Under-21 international was quoted as saying by Marca.

"The subject has now been closed, and there's no point talking about it any further. Everything is fine and there are no problems. Nothing happened."

The 21-year-old went on to say that Messi would be his choice for this year's Ballon d'Or.

"Everyone has their own opinion. Cristiano is a good player, but over and above him there's another great player and we have him in our team [Messi].

"We have a number of great players actually, but I'll always believe Leo to be the best."

The young centre-back went on to talk about his own place in the Barca team, after making his debut for the club against Celtic in the Champions League, having been promoted from the youth team in summer.

"Every player wants to play and get time on the pitch," said Bartra.

"But what's most important is to have a clear understanding of where you are, and once you know that, you know what players there are around you and what you can do well.

"I knew that my chance could come at any moment, and when that chance comes you need to make the most of it."