Barcelona's Abidal will play again, says doctor

The French international has been told he could play make a return to action after undergoing a liver transplant earlier this year
Barcelona defender Eric Abidalhas been told by the medical expert who performed his liver transplant that there is no reason he should not be able to play football again.

The Frenchman was diagnosed with a tumor in his liver in March 2011 and underwent surgery shortly after, but complications arose which forced him into having an emergency transplant earlier this year.

"He always tell me that he is feeling great," said doctor García-Valdecasas.

"There is no objective reason why he won't be able to play again, but the most important thing is that he is alive and with a good life quality."

The focus now is on regaining the weight lost in the aftermath of the procedure and having already regained six kilos, through four daily gym sessions, Abidal's return may be sooner rather than later.