Mourinho is a genius, claims former philosophy teacher

The coach's old teacher believes criticism targeted at his compatriot is unfounded, explaining that the 49-year-old's innovative methods make him a class above the rest
Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is a "genius", according to his former philosophy teacher, Manuel Sergio, who described his one-time student as the best trainer in the game.

At the age of 49, the Portuguese has become one of the most successful coaches in the history of football, having won one Uefa Cup, two Premier League, Serie A and Champions League titles and one Liga crown, among other trophies.

However, he has often come under criticism for his mind games in the build-up to matches, but Sergio explained that he helped the former Chelsea and Inter boss to understand that the game was more than simply two teams on a pitch.

"Mourinho wanted to understand that football was not only a physical activity, but that there were many other things, that it was a human activity," Sergio told AS.

"To know about football he needed to know a lot more about the human being, not only about what happens on the pitch. He understood that he needed to know what is behind football in order to be successful.

"He knows that leading is guiding, but with values. He prepares his players not only technically, but also mentally, so that they know what to do on the field.

"It is obvious that a genius like him will be criticised and that people have a hard time to get along with him because he goes beyond football and he is above all coaches.

"His Porto side played in two or three different ways, for example. It is hard to understand geniuses."

Mourinho has often been compared with Athletic Bilbao boss Marcelo Bielsa and his Blancos predecessor Manuel Pellegrini, but Sergio rated his compatriot much higher than the South American duo.

"Mourinho is much more of a leader than those two," Sergio added. "Bielsa and Pellegrini are good coaches, but Mourinho is a genius.

"Those two are typical football coaches."