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Ahead of Saturday's Clasico at Camp Nou, takes a look at some of the most famous comments from both coaches, which could help to explain the differences between them

By Alberto Pinero and Pilar Suarez

Mr Nice  Mr Bad
Pep Guardiola Jose Mourinho

The personality of a coach is seen on the pitch, but also in the way they think, act and talk about football, and there are two coaches who draw the attention of every football fan in the world: Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho.

They are two completely different trainers working in the same league but, despite this fact, they share one thing: the desire to win. casts a studious eyer over some of the most famous quotes from both bosses.

The day they were formally presented as coaches
Mr Nice: "I will forgive if the players cannot get it right, but not if they do not try hard." These were Guardiola's words the day he was formally presented by Barcelona amidst fear of failure as an inexperienced coach taking charge of one of the biggest clubs in the world.
  Mr Bad: "Coaching Real Madrid is not nice - what is really, really nice is winning things with Real Madrid." Mourinho showed his philosophy from day one at the Santiago Bernabeu. He arrived at the club having lifted the Champions League with Inter. He has won many matches with Real Madrid, but so far just one title.
Each other
Mr Nice: "He's the f**king boss, the f**king man. Off the pitch, he has won. He has won for the whole year. I'll give him his own off-the-pitch Champions League [for that]." It is not normal to see Guardiola getting worked up, much less responding to Mourinho, but when he is provoked, he can show just how tough he is. His famous "f**king man" was the answer to his Madrid counterpart prior to the Champions League semi-final in 2011.
  Mr Bad: "Guardiola is the best possible coach for Barcelona." Mourinho never denied Guardiola's talent, but has questioned the legitimacy of his victories. After Madrid lost 2-1 to Bayern Munich, he said: "Guardiola is very smart. He knows how he has won many of his matches". So not quite as far as when he said in 2011 that he would be "ashamed" to win a Champions League title as Guardiola had done after the controversial Chelsea semi-final in 2008-09.
 Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
Mr Nice: "Relax, some day you will see, Messi will score with his head. And it will be a good goal." In February 2009, after a match against Racing Santander, Guardiola was questioned about Messi's struggle to be an aerial threat. Three months later, the Argentine notched with a header to help Barca to the Champions League title against Manchester United.
  Mr Bad: "Cristiano Ronaldo does not have a diving culture and he does not get protected like some others." Mourinho has always come out in defence of Ronaldo and, in his first year at the club, he noted that he had found a much better and more hard-working player than he had thought. This season he has sent a warning to the press: "If you mess with Ronaldo, you will have a problem." 
  Mr Nice: "Spanish referees are good, but you should ask that to those in the Meseta Central, because they understand a lot about referees." It is not common to see Pep address the work of match officials, but this was his answer when quizzed on the difference between the standard of refereeing in Spain and in the Champions League.
  Mr Bad: "Why? Why Ovrebo, De Bleeckere, Busacca, Stark? I do not know if it is because of Angel Maria Villar's power in Uefa or because they have Unicef's logo stamped on their shirts. I do not get it." One of his most famous quotes. The Portuguese coach has never gone quiet about officiating and before had publicly slammed Clos Gomez and Perez Lasa, but he took criticism to a new level after the Champions League semi-final against Barca.
  Mr Nice: "Maybe I am defiant, ironic, all grown-up and I piss cologne." One of Guardiola's best quotes came when he was asked in 2010 about the adjectives that people had used to describe him since he arrived at the club.
  Mr Bad: "On a scale from zero to 10, I give my year an 11." Mourinho was asked about his opinion on his year of 2010, after just half a season at the Santiago Bernabeu. Despite having suffered a 5-0 defeat at Camp Nou just days before, the coach was happy with his treble at Inter and his start in the Spanish capital.
  Mr Nice: "It is said that is easier to get a new wife than to change the club you support, and that is correct." Guardiola demonstrates his loyalty to the club who have been part of his life for most of the last 30 years, ever since joining La Masia as a 13-year-old.
  Mr Bad: "I do not like watching myself do some things. If I could go back in time, I would not do them. My wife is very critical, she really does not like who I am as a coach." Football has been his passion since Mourinho was a child, and he acknowledges that he sometimes gets carried away. He recently admitted that he gets tired of all that surrounds football, including the media.
Defeating their arch-rivals
  Mr Nice: "We have only secured three points, but the way we did it will last forever." Guardiola surely enjoyed saying this, after a 5-0 demolition job of Real Madrid at Camp Nou in November 2010.
  Mr Bad: "I am delighted to be a winning coach." Mourinho has only defeated Barcelona once since arriving at Madrid, in the Copa del Rey final last season. After this match, he took a swipe at all those who said that results were his sole focus.
  Mr Nice: "My only merit is loving my job." It was a humble Pep who said this, despite the fact that he wreaks havoc in the city of Barcelona every year when rumours of a possible departure start spreading.
  Mr Bad: "I think I will retire between the age of 65 and 70, and the only thing I hope is to be proud of my career. Football will continue to be a part of my life until the day I retire. I will not be one of those persons who stop playing or coaching, but who cannot live a peaceful life without criticising or commenting on things."
Winning and losing
  Mr Nice: "If we lose, we will continue to be the best team in the world. If we win, we will be eternal." This was what Guardiola used to motivate his players in the dressing room before the Club World Cup final against Estudiantes in 2009. His words must have had an impact on the team, as they won their sixth title of the year.
  Mr Bad: "I prefer to lose one time 5-0 than five times 1-0." Mourinho showed his winning spirit after the crushing defeat at Camp Nou in his first season at Real Madrid.
  Mr Nice: "You will not take Mascherano and Keita away from me because they are my little daughters. They are the sun. Mascherano is Argentina's captain. They are priceless. Having players like these two gives this job a meaning." After the 5-0 victory against Villarreal in August 2011, Guardiola was in awe of the duo and stated that players like them motivate him to remain at Camp Nou.
  Mr Bad: "I want to be the only coach to win the three big leagues in Europe, and the only one to win three Champions League trophies with three different clubs." When asked about the task of defeating the almighty Barcelona, Mourinho was confident. "If I were afraid, I would have stayed at Inter, where I had it all." He aspires to be a part of Real Madrid's history and an influential figure in football. He will not settle for less. 

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