Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo Head-To-Head: Cristiano overtakes Leo with third straight win

It's now three wins on the trot for Real Madrid's Portuguese ace in's Head-To-Head as we look at how the votes were divided and view some of our fans' thoughts
In our monthly Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo Head-To-Head special, we asked you to vote for the best performer in March based on the statistics, Player Ratings and expert analysis compiled.

Both players were in exceptional record-breaking mood and phenomenal scoring form last month netting eight goals each, including some outrageous efforts, to keep the pressure on each other in the Pichichi race.

Messi may have added yet another hat-trick to his collection this season, but requiring two penalties to increase his tally appears to have played a part in the readers' decision. The Barcelona star accumulated 5737 (42.41%) out of over 13,500 votes, allowing his Real Madrid counterpart to walk away with a share of 7791 (57.59%) of the ballot.

After a blistering start to the season by Messi, Ronaldo appears to be staging a stunning comeback, winning the last three months of our Head-To-Head contest to now lead 4-3 overall. Only two more months remain!

       YOUR REACTIONS        

Joberror, Lagos, Nigeria on Looking at the final result. It is easier to say Ronaldo was better. 8goals, 3assist with no penalties compared to 8goals, 2assist with 2 penalties.

cr7forballondor, portugal, on i think the last two months was cristiano's best form in a long time. he shud have gotten more than 3 assists he creates so many chances for his teammates. you can see also that messi is becoming more angry becaus barce are not on top any more. 2012 is ronaldo's year!!!!

wynton, port elizabeth, south africa on messi has scored more goals in all competitions, he has more assists than ronaldo as well. xavi used to make messi look good, now its the other way around. ronaldo plays for a team where u r allowd to be selfish,,,messi is a team player who has not even reached his peak yet and is only 24! ronaldo has the perfect physique for soccer, where as messi had a growth disorder,,,yet messi is still better. period.

Russel, Toronto, on What do all the messi fanboys have to say now! ronaldo is scoring fantastic goals and messi needs penalties to keep up....he even needs goals that doesn't belong to him!

Corey, UK on Those who say ronaldo play solo often dont really watch much football yet agree with waht everyone else says, Ronaldo has always been seen as playing solo and i agree he used but in the last few seasons if you have watched games has played you owuld see he gives more effort towards his team and is a much more well rounded team player. And Messi gives more assists than ronaldo. maybe but only slightly Ronaldo is quite often seen providing an assist for benzema, higuain, ozil and most of the othes

mourya ‏ @b_mourya, on Twitter: #goalh2h #ronaldo played great vs betis,osasuna when under pressure while #messi scoring after the title race is over..!!!

David_Oladotun™ ‏ @iDotmann, on Twitter: Judging from d stats, messi was more consistent in d month of march even after misn a game he still has d same goal tally with cr7

Kolawole O. Bankole ‏ @Bankbright on Twitter: CR7 d best in march,8goals n 3assists @goal-intl even while madrid had a difficult month.There's only 1 Ronaldo!!! #goalh2h