Wenger accuses Busquets of simulation

While he was full of praise for the midfielder's ability on the ball, the Gunners boss believes that the Barcelona man is always trying to con the referee into dishing out cards
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has accused Barcelona's Sergio Busquets of regularly feigning injury in order to get opposition players booked, claiming that that the Spain international embodies the "moral weakness" which the Frenchman feels is prevalent in the game today.

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos alleged that Busquets had purposely got him sent-off during the second leg of Los Blancos' Copa del Rey clash with the Catalans at Camp Nou earlier this season, and Wenger is of the opinion that the Barca midfielder is always trying to con the referee into issuing red and yellow cards.

"He is very smart and knows how to help the team," the Gunners boss told Eurosport. "He's generous and tactically very strong.

"He knows how to speed the game with great and quick passes. But he's clever: he forces the ref to give yellow cards to Spanish opponents.

“He pretends being hurt whereas he's the one who kicked. He has all the moral weaknesses that help in football. His intelligence really helps the team."

Wenger is of the opinion that Busquets' ability in the air is also of great value to Pep Guardiola's side.

"Barcelona needs his height above all for set pieces because they are very vulnerable," he reasoned.

"He's one of the few in the team who is more than 1.80 metres tall. Except him, no one can really defend on a set piece."

Barcelona have knocked Arsenal out of the Champions League in two of the past three seasons.

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