Mourinho to blame for refereeing controversies, not Pique, says former Primera Division official Sergi Albert

The retired referee has voiced his opinion that the Barcelona defender is not the one to blame for all the controversy this term, as he feels the Madrid boss is the guilty party
By Quillo Barrios and Alberto Pinero

Former Primera Division official Sergi Albert has stated his belief that Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is the one to blame for the refereeing controversies in Spain this season rather than Barcelona centre-back Gerard Pique.

The latter recently made the headlines for all the wrong reasons when he vented his frustration for his red card in Saturday's 3-1 victory against Sporting Gijon and went as far as to claim that his sending off had been 'premeditated' by the referee.

Victoriano Arminio, president of La Liga's Refereeing Technical Committee (CTA), consequently said he will ask the Spanish Football Federation to punish Pique for his comments, but Sergi Albert feels the Barcelona man is not the guilty party in the controversy.

"I do not understand all the fuss about Pique's comments rather than about Mourinho's behaviour this term. He is the one who has started all this and has heated things up since joining Real Madrid. Why are we not talking about him?," Albert said to

"There's always a possibility that someone in a certain group acts premeditated. It would be nonsense to deny that. I do not think this was the case with Carlos Velasco Carballo though. If we create all this fuss every time a mistake is made, things would go crazy."

Meanwhile, former
arbiter Raul García de Loza has voiced his opinion that Pique is being unfairly targeted by referees.

"If you ask me, it was not a red card. Regardless of whether it was actually a foul, I don't think this situation merited a dismissal.

"Pique was wrong to say what he said, but not too long ago I heard a player say that the referee had stolen the game and he went unpunished.

"Yet CTA now want Pique to be punished for comments that are less bad. The referee are going after Pique. Why are they doing this? They are going in the wrong direction, and have no credibility."