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It's now two wins on the bounce for Real Madrid's Portuguese ace in's Head-To-Head as we look at how the votes were divided and view some of our fans' thoughts

In our monthly Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo Head-To-Head special, we asked you to vote for the best performer in February based on the statistics, Player Ratings and expert analysis compiled.

There was nothing to choose from between the two superstars last month. Only one goal, 0.13 in the ratings, and five per cent of the votes separated the duo.

Despite four strikes against Valencia, reminiscent of his quadruple masterclass against Arsenal in the Champions League in 2010, it wasn't enough for Messi to take the cake in February as Ronaldo's consistency throughout the month prevailed.

The Real Madrid hotshot amassed 13,461 (52.58%) of the 25,500-plus votes while 12,138 (47.42%) favoured the Barcelona wizard. It was indeed the closest the pair have ever been in our monthly polls this campaign.

If you need any further proof that the two best players in the world are trading punches week after week, month after month throughout this season, with six months of the term gone and just three to go, it's all square at 3-3 overall between Messi and Ronaldo in our Head-to-Head contest.

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aa, aa, on Ronaldo gets it for me. its obvious Ronaldo goals means Madrid are 10 points clear. Messi had a brilliant Month but so did Ronaldo. Messi started the month of sluggish and came good last 2 weeks whereas Ronaldo had a consistant month. both players had a great month but going for consistancy of Feruary im going for Ronaldo...

ME, London, on For me Ronaldo was a better player overall in feb, messi started the month slowly, missing a penalty again valencia, his form began to pick up and the minute he is the best again, but as an average for the whole of feb I say Ronaldo just got it this time.

Mevdi, Tunis, on If this was to be given for one game i would say messi for his 4 gols against valencia. but because this is for the full month i have to say ronaldo because he was more consistent

kingL1O, PJ, on Lio should be the winner here. He scored important goals vs. big teams like Valencia and Atletico. Who did Ron play against? Rayo Racing Levante Getafe??!!

Jeff ST, USA, on @everyone who says Ronaldo needs pens. to score so many goals....Messi wouldn't know what to do with pens he misses so many of them. its lucky for him that Barca doesn't get given that many pens. but its strange that Messi scored more goals and has a better passing and shooting ratio but somehow has lower average ratings for the month compared to Ronaldo?

melosi baloyi lesega ‏ @melosib_cfc, on Twitter: As your ratings suggest Ronaldo was better than Messi in Feb.

Oyibo Carl Ediri ‏ @oyedirance, on Twitter: @LionelMessi has the one of this month without dispute as the statistics shows

Julian Udeh ‏ @Presido_007, on Twitter: Am a Barca fan but i think ronaldo has been more consistent considering the fact madrid won all their matches