Real Madrid star Kaka's career could have been ended by knee injury

Fortunately operation was a success for the Brazilian playmaker...
Surgery on Brazilian midfielder Kaka's injured knee was a success but any delay in the operation could have put his career in jeopardy, his doctor has revealed.

Kaka flew into Antwerp, Belgium to go under the knife after feeling real discomfort in his knee during a training session at Real Madrid's camp in Los Angeles.

After diagnosis it was revealed the playmaker had torn his cartilage and Jose Mourinho decided an operation was required to get the player fit. According to Doctor Marc Martens, Mourinho got his first big decision of the season spot on.

"This [injury] could have finished his career, because it is a very serious injury. It could have been destroyed, but thankfully the operation has taken place at the right time and everything went great," Martens told Marca.

Marca revealed Kaka injured his knee during the second game of the World Cup but continued through the pain.

"He started playing with discomfort and ended up in excruciating pain. I understand that it is a unique competition, but he must have been in real pain," Martens commented.

Kaka is expected to return to action in three to four months: "I want to thank all those who supported me," he noted. "My surgery went well."

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