Totti: Modern football too physical

The former Italy international is still keen to continue his active career, even if he feels the game has changed in a negative way
Roma skipper Francesco Totti insists he is not thinking about retirement, but has admitted that he is no longer enjoying the game as much as in his early days due to the physical nature of modern football.

The experienced attacker, 37, made his first-team debut at Roma in March 1993 and has since made over 650 official appearances in all competitions for the Stadio Olimpico side.

The club talisman insists he will bring an end to his career once his desire to play is gone, but says he has no plans to do so at the moment.

"Unfortunately I'm getting old, but football remains my passion. I'm satisfied with my career, even if football used to be more fun than it is now," Totti told Roma Radio.

"These days, the game is much more physical and technique is less important. But the desire to keep playing is still there. If the desire to play is gone, I will be the first to say my time has come.

"So much has changed at Roma, too. I could write a book about all the presidents, coaches and players I have seen come and go.

"It is important for youngsters to keep their feet on the ground. Youngsters these days are not like back in the days, when they stood at attention when you said something."

Totti netted eight goals in 26 Serie A appearances in 2013-14.