Maradona asks De Laurentiis for glorious birthday gift

The Argentine great and former Napoli superstar tells the Serie A club's president that the perfect present would be to see his old team enjoy a new era of success
Napoli legend Diego Maradona has sent Aurelio De Laurentiis a message saying that his birthday wish is for the club to have more success.

The Argentine, who is regarded as Partenopei's greatest-ever player after his spell with the team between 1984 and 1992 - in which he won two Serie A titles and the Uefa Cup - turned 53 on Wednesday and took to his Facebook page to send a message to the club president.

"Dear President De Laurentiis," it began. "Thank you for my beautiful birthday message.

"I hope to embrace Naples as soon as I can and, if I could ask for a gift, it would be to bring many more successes to Napoli. The fans all over the world deserve it. It would bring me and the Neopolitans great joy and would bring great pride to the blue flag.

"Good luck to all of my friends currently playing for Napoli and fighting like lions. Thanks again president, remember that the history of Naples will also be important and, as I mentioned, please bring back the success I had when I played for the club. Thank you."