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The Partenopei owner, Aurelio De Laurentiis, is unhappy with the treatment that his star striker was given following a facial injury which he received in a boating incident

Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis is demanding €100 million (£86.2m) in compensation after striker Gonzalo Higuain injured himself in the region of Campania.

The Argentina international suffered cuts to his face after diving from a hired boat and landing on submerged rocks. He was taken to hospital in a neck brace, where he reportedly required eight stitches to close two separate wounds.

De Laurentiis has blasted the medical attention given to the former Real Madrid striker, who could be out for several weeks.

"I have not met with Higuain," the Partenopei chief told Sky Sport Italia, "but I want to see this cut to see if I can sue the region of Campania and Capri. An actor, a footballer, an ordinary person - when they go to hospital they must be looked after well.

"I saw a picture of the wound and I am willing to ask my lawyers to ask for €100m in damage - a figure that I will donate to charity. I'm tired of not having equal medical care. Politicians must be taught a lesson."

Capri Mayor Ciro Lembo, meanwhile, defended the care given to Higuain, telling Adnkronos: "Gonzalo Higuain received adequate medical attention.

"[De Laurentiis] could have avoided making such comments as, despite working under difficult conditions, the medical staff who attended the player received his thanks and the thanks of his friends.

"On top of that, De Laurentiis made the comments on the condition of the player without even having seen him. I therefore don't understand what he is accusing the medical staff of."