Barbara Berlusconi: We will never sell AC Milan

The 28-year-old says her father, Silvio, loves the Rossoneri dearly and has no desire to ever part company with the club he acquired in 1986
AC Milan director Barbara Berlusconi has dismissed the possibility of her family ever relinquishing control of the club.

The 28-year-old's father, Silvio, acquired the Rossoneri in 1986 and, according to his daughter, is not remotely interested in selling his shares in the San Siro outfit.

"My father has impressed upon us an idea: Milan are a piece of our hearts," Berlusconi explained in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"The Berlusconi family will never sell. Building partnerships to have new capital and expand is one thing; to sell the club quite another. It will not happen."

Milan have had well-documented financial problems in recent years which ultimately forced the sale of the club's two most prized assets, Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to Paris Saint-Germain last year.

Berlusconi freely admits that Milan must now be far more frugal than they once were, but is keen to reassure fans that they will always remain a side capable of challenging for the Champions League.

"I think the fans are happy to see players that they can identify with develop," she mused. "Not necessarily Italian, but linked to Milan and their history.

"I believe that successful clubs are those that have an identity.

"I'm thinking of Arsenal, and of course Barcelona and Bayern Munich. These are clubs who transmit certain values which give a sense of continuity and develop a strong sense of belonging to those who work and those who support them.

"That's what Milan has done in recent years and will continue to do. We want to have healthy accounts; it is a matter of necessity because we want to conform to financial fair play.

"But our primary goal is to remain at the highest level. Milan are the most successful club at international level, we have won a lot in Europe.

"To be of Champions League [level] does not mean to win it, but to play in it every year. Without that, no, we would not be satisfied."