Juventus coach Cristian Stellini resigns amid Scommessopoli allegations

The club have confirmed that a member of Antonio Conte's backroom staff had submitted his resignation to the club after being implicated in the scandal
The on-going investigation into the Scommessopoli match-fixing scandal has led to Cristian Stellini resigning from his position as technical assistant coach of Juventus.

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The future of their coach Antonio Conte, and his deputy, Angelo Alessio, remain uncertain, but the former Bari player, who had also been part of Conte’s coaching team while at Siena in 2010-11 when the alleged match-fixing occurred, has confirmed his exit.

The 38-year-old posted a statement on the club's official website, apologising for his role in the affair.

"The events of the last month have deeply affected me. In a short space of time I went from member of the technical staff of the champions of Italy to a cause of turmoil for those with whom I worked," Stellini wrote.

"Whatever the outcome of the legal situation I am in, I feel it is only right to show a professional attitude and release this weight from Juventus which fell on to the club’s shoulders due to my time elsewhere in my career.

"I think it is right to dedicate all my time and efforts to clearing my position in these matters, which are exclusively about me and not those I simply shared a locker room with.

"I therefore tend my irrevocable resignation as technical assistant at Juventus."

However, there was optimism elsewhere at the club on Monday as the lawyer of the Bianconeri defender Leonardo Bonucci stated that he was confident his client would be cleared of the charges of sporting fraud levelled against him.