Pescara's two-point penalty reduced to £24,000 fine

The Delfini have had their deduction quashed by the Court of Federal Justice, who have also decreed that Siena will start next season on -3 rather than -4
Pescara have had the two-point penalty imposed upon them by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) reduced to a €30,000 (£24,000) fine on appeal.

The newly-promoted Serie A side had been set to begin their campaign on -2 points because of their involvement in the Scommessopoli match-fixing scandal.

However, the Delfini challenged the sentence dished out to them by the FIGC's National Discipline Commission (CDN) and on Friday the Court of Federal Justice (CGF) announced that it had ruled that a fine was sufficient punishment for last season's Serie B champions.

In addition, Siena and Novara both had their four-point deductions for next season trimmed to three.

Elsewhere, Lega Pro side Albinoleffe had their 15-point penalty reduced to nine, while Monza's has fallen from five to four, and Reggina's from four to three.