Clarence Seedorf insists AC Milan-Inter will be pivotal in title race: All the players know match is decisive

The Dutch veteran fuels the rivalry fire ahead of the Milan Derby, after attempts from both camps to play down the significance of the game on the outcome of the champion
AC Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf has underlined the importance of Saturday's Serie A clash with rivals Inter by claiming that the derby will be decisive in the title race.

Many players and club chiefs have tried to play down the significance of the game on the outcome of the championship, but the Dutch veteran views things differently.

"I say that the match against Inter will be decisive in the race for the league title," Seedorf was quoted as saying by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"The match will be incredibly important psychologically. People who say something different are liars. This is not a response to someone in particular, but just a comment in general.

"All the players know that the match is decisive," Seedorf added. "Of course, a loss won't be the end of the world as there's still time to recover, but not a single player om either sides wants to leave the pitch empty handed."

In an attempt to reaffirm his point, Seedorf looked back to a previous campaign.

"I still remember the derby from 2003-04. We won the match 3-2 and got a huge confidence boost. That match gave us the morale boost that eventually helped us to the Serie A title," spoke the Dutchman.

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