Gotze: I must be perfect at all times

The Bayern Munich midfielder says that he must think twice about what he says and does under the media spotlight, while aiming to take more responsibility for his side
Bayern Munich and Germany youngster Mario Gotze feels that he is expected to be perfect all of the time. 

The 22-year-old has stayed quiet since he scored the winning goal in extra time in the World Cup final against Argentina and says that he has been watching what he says and how he behaves from now on as he feels that he is no longer allowed to make any mistakes on or off the pitch.

"I find it fascinating that absolute perfection is expected of me at all times," Gotze told Bild. "That's why I'm thinking twice about what I say and how I behave.

"Sometimes you say things when you are a bit too excited and euphoric and you don't think."

The midfielder is looking forward to the new season with Bayern, during which he wants to become a more important player for the team. 

"I want to take more responsibility in our games," Gotze declared. "There is more in me.

"I know that I have already done well in many difficult situations despite my youth. In the big games I've shown my talents. I know that I have qualities and it can also show in difficult moments.

"Although I have scored a goal in the World Cup final, I am pleased but still excited for the start of the preparation and the new season."