Crazy players like Ibrahimovic love me, says Klopp

The German coach has insisted that he would not have any problems with the Ligue 1 star if they were ever to work together, despite the fact the pair have both signed new deals
Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp believes that he would get along well with Paris Saint-Germain star Zlatan Ibrahimovic if he was ever to work with the prolific attacker.

The Sweden international is widely regarded as one of the most talented and controversial players in the game, though Klopp is confident he would not have any issues dealing with the Sweden star.

"I wouldn’t have any problem working with Ibrahimovic," the BVB coach was quoted as saying by The Telegraph.

"We would get on well. Crazy players [like him] love me. I don’t know why..."

Despite Klopp's comments, it seems unlikely that the two will ever work together as they have both recently signed new deals with their respective clubs.

Klopp has a contract with Dortmund until the summer of 2018, while Ibrahimovic's PSG deal runs until June 2016.