Heynckes encourages Bayern to celebrate Bundesliga success

The Roten coach has insisted that nothing is won yet, despite still being in the running for a treble this season, and warned his team not to "dream" they have already won trophies

Bayern Munich boss Jupp Heynckes will not begrudge his team a big celebration if they win the Bundesliga title this weekend.

The 67-year-old coach has admitted that his squad is allowed to party and have a few drinks to commemorate the accomplishment but has faith that his players will act professionally.

The Bavarians face Frankfurt tomorrow where a win will see them clinch the German league crown.

"It would be a great achievement for all of us," the coach told reporters at a press conference on Friday. "We would be insanely happy.

"If someone wants to drink a beer, he should do it. There is no ban on it because I know that my team is very disciplined."

Celebrations aside, the German coach says that the title is not quite put to bed and insists his team must stay sharp.

"I don't dream of anything," he added. "I am a realist. I am well aware that now is not the time to dream. You don't win anything by dreaming.

"We have achieved nothing yet. Nothing."

The German club are on course for a Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and European treble, but Heynckes said it would be dangerous to believe Bayern had already sealed their European tie against Juventus after winning the first leg 2-0.

"We were perfectly prepared for one game," he said. "We still have 90 minutes to play. After that we will know if we have made the semi-finals."

The second leg will kick-off on April 10 at the Juventus Stadium.