Hoeness hits back at Louis van Gaal comments

The Bayern Munich president has attacked the Netherlands boss and claimed his words show he does not understand what is required in his profession
Uli Hoeness has slammed Louis van Gaal following his comments blaming the Bayern Munich supremo for his exit from the club.

The 60-year-old coach had previously revealed his anger about being sacked as Bayern boss in 2011, claiming that Hoeness was solely responsible for his departure.

"When I see the omissions of Louis van Gaal, then I have to say that he just does not understand what is required in this profession," the 60-year-old stated.

"Part of it is to bring up painful subjects when problems are detected. And when you realise there is no progress, you have to be consequent."

Hoeness then gave his version of events on Van Gaal's sacking and claimed he was given more than enough opportunities to turn the club's fortunes around.

"When I notice nothing going anymore and I already gave him five chances to change and it still isn't working, then I have to make decisions against the interest if the individual, to keep everything together."