Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery forced to pay £2.5 million to former agent following lawsuit

The ex-Marseille attacker has had to compensate his former representative and could be made to hand over more money in unpaid commission
Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery has been hit with the news that he must pay nearly £2.5 million to his former agent, Bruno Heiderscheid.

The 17th Civil Chamber of the District Court in Luxembourg ruled on Friday that the Frenchman owes Heiderscheid the hefty sum after Ribery did not pay commission to his former representative when he joined Marseille from Galatasaray in 2005.

Ribery was a client of Heiderscheid between 2005 and 2007, with the 28-year-old firing the agent two weeks before his £21m switch to Bayern was complete.

Despite winning the case, the player's former representative is now set to take Ribery to court once again, claiming he is owed a further £2.9m in commission as part of the deal that took the French international to the Bundesliga.

Ribery featured in Bayern's 3-0 victory over Koln on Friday evening yet was shown a red card in the club's final Bundesliga fixture of 2011.