'A cowardly ambush' - Motta agent hits out at Bastia over Brandao headbutt

The PSG midfielder was headbutted by the Brazilian striker in the Parc des Princes tunnel on Saturday, but Bastia say they will not take further action against their player
Thiago Motta's agent has hit out at Bastia for refusing to punish Brandao after he headbutted the Paris Saint-Germain player on Saturday.
The Brazilian waited in the tunnel for Motta after the final whistle following their 2-0 defeat to the Ligue 1 champions and then attacked his compatriot, leaving him with a broken nose.

Bastia have released a statement claiming it is not their duty to punish Brandao and claimed their player was provoked before the incident - leaving Motta's agent Alessandro Canovi angered.

He told Goal: “I’m surprised by some of the official statements made by the club [Bastia] and its employees. The surprise is even greater because neither the player nor the club have apologised yet to Thiago Motta or to PSG.

"I think it’s nonsense and very hypocritical to act as if Thiago Motta had been provoking [Brandao] in order to justify the fact he was the victim of a cowardly ambush.

"I’m also saddened by the fact that there is another victim in this story; the audience, especially the youngest viewers, who have witnessed the scene on television and on social networks. This is a premeditated and violent act that I still consider as a true ambush.”

The incident has prompted widespread condemnation, with PSG labelling it an "assault", but Bastia say they will take no further action.

"Bastia condemns unequivocally the gesture of striker Brandao against Thiago Motta after the final whistle of the match between PSG and Bastia," read a club statement released on Monday.

"Sporting (Club Bastia) declines any possibility of further action in this matter.

"We lament the equally unacceptable behaviour of some players who are constantly insulting and provoking their opponents."